What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a mash up of modern and historical elements. It is an idealised 19th Century world – it is the way the past should have been and the way we wish it was. Steampunk incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by  industrial steam-powered machinery from that era.
The applications are endless with a wide variety of genres from fashion and costumes to music, comics, design and décor. Steampunk is also a popular theme for movies both art house and Hollywood Blockbuster with Wild Wild West, Van Helsing and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen being top examples.

Side View Time Machine_edited.jpg

Steampunk Art has been hugely popular at the world renowned Burning Man Festival and is known for the use of reclaimed materials and the mixture of mechanised and antique elements.
The team behind 2019's inaugural Tropical Steampunk Upcycled project created this amazing Time Machine out of 95% reclaimed car mechanic materials including suspension springs, oil barrels, motors and guages. These were lit up using new technology programmable lighting to produce a finished product that blows smoke out the top and cycles through well known SciFi dates found in movies  Back to the Future and The Terminator.
The team is excited about plans and funding opportunities for an even bigger TSU creation in 2020.

Rene and Kurt with the Time Machine.jpg

Steampunk costuming is a fun exercise and can also involve building a persona around your costume.

Steampunk characters generally include famous archetypes from the Victorian era and include The Pirate, The Adventurer/ Explorer, The Scientist, The Circus Ringmaster, or characters from popular fiction of the time like Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The wearing of welding goggles, top hats and monocles is common and guys with beards and moustaches are the definite vogue.

Check out our Pinterest and Facebook pages for heaps of ideas on how to build a Steampunk costume or persona and look out for our 2020 costume crafting workshops in Cairns area. 

DJ Miss Fit at TS2019
Team Swing Dance
Trish and Mo from Faux Mo

Beautiful images from Tropical Steampunk 2019 by Caz Knight Photography 

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